my challenge: read or die

My challenge is to encourage everyone I know to read “Searching for God Knows What” by Donald Miller.  He is  the author of Blue Like Jazz and a very funny writer; the book is true genius.  It’s an insightful and thought provoking look at the human condition but an easy and entertaining read.

Maybe you’re thinking that the last time you read a book was in third grade and the name “Ramona” was in the title.  Maybe you’re thinking that I only like books that are really boring.  Maybe you’re not even reading this because you hate reading so much. I think you should read it anyway; I think you will like it.   

Should you choose to accept this challenge I would like to know about it.  If you can’t afford the book, maybe I will buy it for you (I said maybe..).  If you don’t accept this challenge, I’m sure your life will go on as before.  But maybe that’s just the point now, isn’t it?

One thought on “my challenge: read or die

  1. I liked it right up until the part where he does the Shakespeare analogy. What a let down… But I still totally dug the book. He could have just left off that last forced chapter.

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