“God” – hear me out now..

God is weird, you know? I mean, at least from my perspective he is. He causes us to do things that are difficult, just so we can learn from them. He makes things happen in an altogether slow fashion, just so we figure out we can’t do anything on our own- no matter how much we will things to move faster. He allows pain, heartache, pain, heartache, pain, heartache, (get the picture?) He is also our one true source of joy and hope, though I almost never recognize it as coming from him. I just somewhere deep down believe that it is true. Things never happen the way we expect them to, and rarely ever how we think we want them to. We get more than we deserve, more than we bargain for, and less at the same time. He is with us even when he’s not- you know what I mean?

For those of you who know me well, or have been in church all their lives, you probably think I’m being a little sarcastic in tone. Well for your information, I’m being completely honest. Just think about it for one measely (?) second- he is and acts in an altogether unknowable way. and still we trust him.


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