Should I go to Alaska?

My brother invited me to come stay with him in Alaska for a couple of months.. His wife is going to be deployed by the air force. I am going to visit anyway over new year’s, so the idea is that I would just stay. I’m kind of into it. I think it would be pretty fun and a nice change of pace. It’s so hard to make decisions though. I’m still applying for jobs here but really the only leads I’m getting are for jobs that aren’t in my field. Should I stick with one of those here because it’s better than what I have currently? I could get an apartment, save money, etc… Or should I choose the road of adventure and hope that stability is waiting for me somewhere around the corner? Those books were so good when we were younger- but they didn’t have real consequences. And you could always go back to where you started if you didn’t like the outcome. Life is not so much like that….. Too bad.

3 thoughts on “Should I go to Alaska?

  1. I just finished 2005. After you suggested that I was reading every post you ever wrote I decided to. 2005 was filled with a lot of angst… but it seemed like it ended with a good option. Who could have known that Alaska would end up so, well, awesome? I’m glad you came.

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