Good Hair Day…

Do you know those moments in life that hook you? The ones that pull at your gut and tell you things can be different, that you can make it, that everything is gonna be okay? Those once in a while moments when insecurity, fear, and doubt have all left the building? I have those moments sometimes. Usually when I’m listening. Very rarely when I’m talking. And though the moments are always fleeting, I’m starting to believe them. I’m starting to believe that life is just like hair. It’ll grow back, the color will change- so what if they chopped it off? It certainly doesn’t determine if I’m going to enjoy my life or make the most of it. I always get stressed out about the future and the past, worried that things aren’t how I wanted them to be. My hair never turns out the way I think it’s going to- but I’m learning to love it no matter what. And that’s my choice…

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