move move move like a belly dancer

Last night I played “backup” for an 8 year old girl who had a “gig” at a quaint little “italian” restaurant in town. (okay- it really was italian.. I just wanted to put the “” around it..) Her mom set it up so that she could perform, you know- tap dance and sing. All on her own. The thing is she doesn’t so much “tap dance” as she does “shuffle” her feet around for 20 seconds. And she doesn’t so much “sing” as she does “NOT sing.”

Here’s the rundown of the show:
Acoustic version of “Hero” by Enrique Iglesias
“Thank You” by Dido – except we played the version from Eminem’s remix of “stan.”
And last but not least “move move move like a belly dancer” which she “wrote.” Well, I mean she wrote the words… all 8 of them….

Picture in your mind the sort of “show” that little kids put on for their parents at home. Now take that picture and transplant it into a public ITALIAN restaurant where probably 6 of the 20-25 patrons were there to see it. Theme it with 5 American Flags and you’ve officially got the most awkward experience of my entire life.

But I got a free meal out of it… ;) And an invitation to play at her next “gig.”

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