On Why I Like My New Friends

The thing about the many people who have become my friends and acquaintances in the last 6 months is this: I have never, not once, not ever felt unwelcome or that I didn’t belong.

I have amazing friends- the kinds of friends who have their “groups” but can intermingle without missing a beat. The kind of friends where every night I’m hanging with a new assortment and still everybody seems to have a great time. Not just a good time- a GREAT time.

This is not to say that any of my pre-anchorage friends are any less great, or that anyone here is a better friend. They are equally as wonderful.

My point is only that, collectively, there is some God-given miracle surrounding the people in this town. I, at least, have been given a new slice of community I have not experienced in the same way in any other place. Maybe it’s just something I needed- to really feel like I belong. And here, no matter who I am with, I not only feel it- but I know it.

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