I’m a person

I saw a picture today that reminded me of the past. Sadly it also reminds me of my present.. And I’m wondering why the past doesn’t influence me in a greater way than it does. Obviously the past has had an effect on me, but have I LEARNED from it? Why is it that whatever it is that happens, seems to happen all the time? Why is it that some things never change?

I’m excited about the things I’m learning in life. I’m excited that I can see that I’ve grown, and happy that I have a peace, a rest, a trust in God that I’ve never had before. I just wanna know why it STILL doesn’t seem like enough, why I have to muddle through and fall face down over and over again? Why can’t one time through the valley of [fill in the blank] be enough? It seems like I keep going there for my twice yearly vacations.

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