Alaska and my wandering mind

I have a lot of things I would like to write about – so much so in fact that I can’t even really sort it out, can’t get it straight. I don’t know where to start!
It seems that God has been doing much in my life lately – allowing me to see possibility in my dreams and teaching me (through EVERYTHING, painfully enough..) to fully rely on him.

I’ve been praying over the last few months that my life would be “full and joy filled.” I don’t want to live an empty, wasted life. It has definitely been full lately – and there is joy – but I want ALL that God has for me. Somehow day to day still seems swallowed by “I need to…. but don’t want to….” It’s difficult to really feel like I’m on top of the game, not falling behind, and really GOING for what I want. Sometimes it seems like I just have been talking about it – and not finding (or making?) the time to see it come to fruition. I haven’t figured all that out yet. Just another something I have to surrender to God, that He would teach me what’s important and give me the strength, energy, and desire to pursue it.

Am I rambling??

Alaska is a beautiful place! I took a drive today, just to absorb the scenery and get some quiet. It was nice. Here are some pictures! ♥

I hope your day is lovely…

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