your booty fills the skies

I just had an awesome weekend.

of course it’s Easter, so that rocks. My mom was in town – and I got to sing at church with about 50 other AMAZING musicians. It was so great.

I was singing the song “uncreated one’ by chris tomlin – and we have four services plus practices so I definitely got to run through it a few times. Other than forgetting to turn my guitar on for one of the services (oops) I think it went pretty well.
So, the second line of the song is “your beauty fills the skies.” The last time through I thought to myself, “how embarrassing would it be if I accidentally said ‘your booty fills the skies’ in front of a thousand people?” Sometimes the way we pronounce words, especially when singing is kind of goofy, or if you kind of trip over yourself a little.. it could totally end up sounding like that..
The idea alone made me smile… How awesome is a God that takes delight in us giving him Glory – and simultaneously can share a laugh with us about stupid thoughts like his booty filling the sky? that’s pretty sweet..

Happy Easter friends.

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