I’m with Annie..

I went on a hike the other day.


The thing about hikes is, they kind of make me nervous. The hike, yes – a little. But I know I can turn around anytime I want. Stop the insanity. No big deal.
But hiking with other people? Totally different story…

You see, when somebody in Alaska says, “Do you want to go for a hike?,” my first response is immediately “no.” Of course they’re gonna want to go farther and faster than I do. And then when I want to stop or can barely breathe and pass out from exhaustion the other hikers will inevitably be “put out” by my need to hit the emergency room.

What if I don’t have fun?? And I’m stuck?

The other day though, I had a good time. I think of it as more of a glorified walk, and everybody was sort of in it for the same purpose. The weather was AMAZING, and I got to experience Alaska for it’s natural “awesomeness.”

The truth is, everybody’s jealous they don’t live here too.. The tell is in the picture comments.

2 thoughts on “I’m with Annie..

  1. i’ll totally go hiking with you sometime. . .and i won’t be put out by your need to stop by the ER. . .lol. good stuff.

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