It’s a beautiful day! la la la la…la

The weather in Alaska has been AMAZING lately. I was at a wedding outside yesterday and I swear to you, it was so freakin’ hot I was sweating and I got a sunburn.

yesterday’s high: 70 degrees

It’s freakin’ balmy and beautiful outside right now. Amazing blue sky, birds chirping, the sun is shining and pretty much isn’t going to go down tonight..

current temperature: 67 degrees

Last summer was positively awful. It rained or was cloudy all the time, it was not warm. I was a little nervous this summer was going to be the same and it was going to prove those “alaskan summer lovers” wrong, but things have really started to look up..

On that note, I’m leaving the country in 84 hours and I’ll probably miss the rest of what is good about Alaska.

C’est la vie..

One thought on “It’s a beautiful day! la la la la…la

  1. I had no idea you had a blog, and I’m very happy that you left a comment on mine, so now I know. You are going in my favorites bar.
    Also, Elisa is in “crunch week” as she calls it. This is the last week of school where you do a million major assignments at once. Her exams start this coming week.

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