modern phenomenon

[i CANNOT get to sleep before 11 pm. it’s physically impossible. no matter how hard i try, no matter how much i don’t have anything to do at 830 pm, it’s 11 pm before my eyes are shut and the blinds closed.]

I just finished reading “God’s Smuggler” by Brother Andrew – and it’s a very fascinating story. I picked it up because one of my pastors at church read a segment from it a couple weeks ago. The segment talked about Brother Andrew’s border crossing into Romania during communism and well, I was sold. I LOVE Romania. To top it off, brother Andrew is dutch, and I’m in some way dutch too. And….. I’m pretty interested in doing missions work someday, so the whole story really appealed to me.

But here’s the one thing that stuck out most to me in the book. Throughout his many years traveling to communist countries, he would smuggle bibles to churches and people who had none. NONE. Can you imagine an entire church congregation having no bibles? Not only that – he was risking his very life to see the dream of giving them bibles come to pass.

I can think right now of 7, maybe 8 bibles I own. And I don’t even read it every day.

How much do I take the word of God for granted?? What a gift, these precious words of Christ, given to encourage, to strengthen, to sharpen, to straigten, to enlighten… and I cast them aside. I carry it with me at all times but I don’t REALLY appreciate its value.

Having grown up with the bible readily available, having studied theology in college, can I truly develop a ravenous attitude toward the scripture? You are welcome to pray that I do. I SO want that…

3 thoughts on “modern phenomenon

  1. I feel the same way about my bibles. I have 4 bibles… and yes, I want another one!?!
    I’m so selfish.
    With 4 at my disposal you’d think I’d read them more often.
    I agree with ross… you should smuggle bibles!

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