on being courageous and dutch breakfast

My mom said something to me before I left Minnesota – she told me to be courageous and she prayed that I would be. It’s amazing how mother’s can know what you need, without even being told. I didn’t really know I needed courage, but I have realized more and more how I hate uncertainties. I dislike being out of control; I don’t like the unknown. I am fearful of being misunderstood and lonely.

It looks like this trip will be pretty relaxing – and a chance to connect with some youth and experience foreign cultures. I’m praying God will open my heart to what he wants to show me. I’m praying he will make me courageous – whatever that means in the moment.

Please if you remember, keep me in your prayers. I don’t know what I expected when I came on this trip exactly, but I know that I hope God will really speak to me and move in my heart. I know I want to know him and be known by him. I know I want to be completely found and satisfied in Christ.

We are moving on to the next village this afternoon – and I’m not sure yet if I’ll have internet access there. But I will do my best to keep posting.

I ate the most amazing breakfast this morning: hagelslag

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