license to bike

There are a lot of bicycles in holland. Like, 2 million more bikes than people. Yesterday afternoon we spent about 2 hours getting our bike “licenses.” The funny part is, we show up at this school and have to take a test, but they don’t tell us anything about the rules or signs – we’re just expected to know. Then after the test we did a “practical” exam and had to follow a map biking all around Tholen, the village. The great part was – the map was ridiculously hard to follow, we couldn’t read any of the street signs as they were in dutch, and none of the roads had street signs indicating the names. It was really confusing and pretty hilarious as 15 americans bike around the village with green fluorescent vests on.

Last night, we went to another village to hang out with some people and it was just a little far to bike. My host dad asked if I had a driver’s license with me, and promptly gave me his car keys to drive his car. That’s it. I can drive.

I had to take a 2 hour exam to ride a bike, but they let me drive a car no problem.

I didn’t find out till afterwards that the whole bike exam was a joke. All that work – for nothing! How embarrassing… But none of the other Americans know yet that it wasn’t real. Funny.

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