I have not much time..

I find that the longer I am in foreign countries talking to people who speak English only very little, I start mimmicking (sp?) their broken speech. It’s kind of funny.

We’re staying in a school right now, getting to know some Czech kids.. The weather is warmer – and this is the first day I’ve been here that it hasn’t rained. I slept on the floor of a classroom and took a very cold shower. Traveling is such an adventure.

I wish I had more to say, but don’t have a lot of time in which to say it, and need space to reflect on things before I post them.

I learned Czech Hip Hop dancing today. Good times..

One thought on “I have not much time..

  1. Hi Marijke… surprised? I got your blog info from Kori who said you were checking it and posting while on your totally sweet trip.

    So this lady from the Haines fair called me. She said that she has a place for you guys (all three) to stay while you’re there and evidently it’s a really nice place but it is pretty far out of town. She has all the details. Her email address is :


    She doesn’t want to make the arrangement without your permission so if you could email her as soon as possible that would be great.

    Hope you’re having a ripping time. Come back soon… it’s no fun talking to myself over in this corner.

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