On why I’ve grown in the last two weeks.

Surprisingly, I have spent many hours playing cards in the last week. I used to think I was the forever winner at Egyptian, and I told this to Matt Waliszek a few months ago who promptly beat me. Ever since then, I can’t seem to win. I probably played 20 games of Egyptian in the last week – and I didn’t lose every one of them, but I did always lose to Idwer. I never beat him. And I just kept playing.. Kept right on playing…. I think I’ll probably miss the card playing accent – words like “tree,” “trow,” and “sick.”

So I’m staying in Liberec, Czech Republic at the moment with an intern of the organization I’ve been hanging out with. We’re going to work on a report of the last two weeks, documenting the things that have happened and the reactions of the participants – finding ways to improve and what worked, etc..
Last night, upon arriving to her home town, we went straight to her pub and hung out for a couple of hours. Her pub is literally a hole in the ground – but quite cozy inside. I can see why people would be drawn there. It was pretty enjoyable, but I was very tired. I drank some Czech beer and, well.. I don’t like beer. We played cards and listened to the open mic and I inhaled cigarette smoke since all 8 people at the table with me were smoking.

It’s times like this you realize – experiences like these only come every so often in life. It’s like that one time I was at the guys house and all the boys started playing double dutch with two giant ropes in their living room. WHAT?

I think I’m probably a better person for all that card playing, for the beer drinking, and the gargantuan game of double dutch. Now how many people can honestly say that?

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