second hand

Will three weeks of exposure to second hand smoke kill my voice?

There is crazy smoking here! It’s impossible to escape. I came on this trip with a wicked cough – and mostly it’s gone – but when I’m around the cigarette smoke for hours at a time, it starts to plague me again. I want to be a singer! Lord, spare me from the ills I cannot avoid…

I’m having a terrific time. I have been in CZ for the last week or so – with five days left. In the last week I was really able to connect with some people, and although I’m still not sure what the purpose of this trip was for me, I was able to really enjoy myself – and that makes it worthwhile.

Obviously, I have not had consistent internet access over the last week and a half – and though I would like to post everything that has happened, it’s just not possible. Even now, it’s just past midnight, and I’ve gotten very little sleep in the last two weeks. So through the remainder of my trip, and on my return, I will just try to post reflections and thoughts as they come to me… It’s the best I can do. Hopefully this hasn’t become so mundane and boring that you’ve stopped reading (or have decided to do so after this post..)

Here’s to continued blogging,

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