On Tired Eyes

I’ve been thinking lately about the discrepancy between how things “ought” to be (what I imagine they will or should) and how things actually are. And friends, the differences are vast.

Lest I take the time this late in the evening to spell them out – I’d prefer simply to state that at this moment, I’m a bit glad for the discrepancies. For one, what would life be if only the expected ever happened? And secondly, what if I really COULD script the outcome of my life? How boring! I trust that God’s plans are bigger than my own – to the point that sometimes I’m fearful of them, stretched beyond my own capacity, certain that I must run after them and not so certain that I’m headed in the right direction at all…. But I watch and wait, because it’s the only thing I know to do.

I have no way of describing the feeling I have in finally being home. It isn’t elation. It isn’t even quite relief. No… It’s something altogether different. It’s a “right-ness” and a satisfaction – the feeling I imagine you have after climbing a mountain peak. I wouldn’t know of course, because I don’t climb mountain peaks. But I imagine those who do feel much the way I do now – as I sit on my brown leather couch, comfy and cozy, back at home – content in the realization of a journey ventured and new heights gained.

One thought on “On Tired Eyes

  1. I totally have climbed a mountain peak…
    I wanted to die the whole way up to the top, but once I got there it was the most satisfying, gratifying feeling ever…..

    the hike down was much easier.

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