A return to blogging

Okay, I get it. I stink at this.

I’ve been back from Europe for 2 1/2 weeks – 1 week less than the time I was away. I feel as though I haven’t really gotten a chance to download from that time – to sit and think about what happened and what I might have learned. I’d like to do that soon..

Last weekend Jon, Paul, and I drove to Haines, AK for the South East Alaska State Fair. It was quite an experience: 17 hours each way. Paul and Jon are good road trip buddies though.. so I had fun. It’s interesting that right before a show I always get really apprehensive and pretty tense. I don’t even think it’s nerves.. but more “I’m NOT doing it.” I don’t really know what it is – but I think it’s fear. And yet, one day later I can be listening to incredible music and realize, “I need to make this.” How am I going to reconcile those two things?

I’ve been 27 for a month now. I think the year’s off to a good start. Definitely some ups and downs already, but I think I’m growing and I’m learning a lot. I hope that continues to happen. And I hope the ups outweigh the downs.

3 thoughts on “A return to blogging

  1. I think you’re a pretty good blogger. When you post that is :).

    I think you’re a pretty great person. It’s been fun to get to know you a bit.

  2. Those nerves probably come from the fact that you know that you’re capable of bringing it… and when we know that we’re capable of something great, we’re afraid to NOT achieve it. But I would wager that you are phenomenal. Don’t doubt it. :)

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