too much and not enough..

I’m impressed at my own ability to have SO much to say, and nothing to blog about. Seriously, much has been happening in my life lately – not to say anything about what’s been happening in my heart or head. I’ve been thinking about God’s grace, his ability to realign me with his word, to speak truth when I have turned a deaf ear…

Is it true that sometimes God answers our prayers, but our response is to turn around, stare him blankly in the face and ask “God, is this really it??” I’ve written about this before – that things often look and feel differently than I expect (wait… not often, it seems this keeps happening over and over again..). My greatest desire (at the moment) is to be able to relax. I want to enjoy each moment, the good and the bad. I want a healthy realization that if I’ve asked God to lead me – even in my supreme weakness and failings – doesn’t it stand to reason that he WILL?? And if he is and has been leading, why do I worry about anything? I think I don’t trust my own ability to follow correctly or listen closely enough.. But the truth is, this is one of the things I want to learn most in this life.

2 thoughts on “too much and not enough..

  1. Your blogs are good, but sadly – they don’t get published often enough. Sigh. Please realize there are people in corporate America who like to surf blogs (and stay up-to-date on second-cousins’ lives) during occasional moments of downtime! Thank you for your support.


  2. Beth is funny. I agree with Beth. But then again I get to talk to you all day at work. Remember the time some jerkster stole all your red skittles at work?

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