The Office

I’ve been sucked into watching “The Office” as of late, and I must say, it’s a very entertaining show. If you like television, dry humor, and work in the “office world,” then I say watching it is a must. It was first lent to me by my friend Sally, who happens to be an avid fan. And having watched it, I can see why she likes it so much. There’s much of “The Office” reflected in Sally and in her attitude toward life and work – in the things that she finds funny.

This past weekend I went camping in Homer, AK with some friends. It was a rainy weekend, but a fun time. We spent about two hours watching “The Office” on my laptop in my amazing car – the Element. [I love camping in AK in my element.]

So, in honor of “The Office,” my life, and my friend Sally, I’d like to recount the day I came to work wearing pants and a shirt, and left wearing only a shirt.

My office has BEAUTIFUL windows. Unfortunately, when the sun is shining, it can be somewhat of a “cooker” at my desk. A couple weeks ago I came to work wearing my Paris dress (the dress I bought in Paris), which is MAGNIFICENT by the way, but it wasn’t exactly summer weather. So I wore it over jeans and long sleeve shirt. By the middle of the day, however, I’m pretty sure it was 98 degrees at my desk, and I was miserable!! I ended up taking off my jeans in the bathroom and just wearing my dress, in an attempt to cool off a bit. I looked ridiculous however. Summer dress over a long sleeve shirt, white as white can be legs, and maroon mary-jane dansko clogs. Oh the things we will do for comfort. This is Alaska after all… Sally lovingly refers to it as the day I came to work wearing jeans and a shirt and left wearing only a shirt.

4 thoughts on “The Office

  1. People words cannot express how funny this was. I think I hurt my lung laughing. But seriously, Marijke, it wasn’t that bad of a look… once I got used to it it was totally fine. It really was a dress. And it was really hot that day. But still so funny.

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