These days, it’s not so hard to be a published author. In fact, it’s really pretty easy. All you have to do is write a blog, and when you finish, click “publish post.” DONE. I’ve now been “published.”

This is the phenomenon of our culture, of our mindset, and sadly, my very own desire. How great would it be to be an author, or a lawyer – to have this degree or that? I want such and such credentials and fame for my awesomeness. But do I really want to work for it? Not just to get there, but work AT it, to maintain it, to continue to possess the honor?

I read a blog of a friend of mine today, a friend 10 years younger than myself, in which she stated many things that she has learned in her short 17 years. She said she learned the value of working hard toward something – and even the value of simply working hard. I don’t think I possess this value. I don’t think I work very hard and I’m not really sure that I ever have. I want things to come easily; I don’t want to suffer the pain of trial and error. In fact, I want the experience of having worked hard and the thrill of success in the face of trial, but I don’t really want to have to do it. I’d like it delivered to me in as few days as possible at no additional cost.
*free shipping not available to Alaska and Hawaii*


4 thoughts on “Published

  1. You are so cute. :)

    I’ve been thinking about how much I want to be published, too – but then getting frustrated at my reasons for it. I want it just so I can feel validated – “other people think I’m cool/witty/wise!” But I’m learning that I need to write just to write – just for the process of it.

    Maybe I’LL write a blog about this, too! :)

  2. Oh the plight of us all you share. As much as I wish that I did… I don’t know that I’ll ever want to go through the run enough to get to the post run feeling. I guess it’s not the hard work I fear, but that there won’t be some reward at the end. I’ve worked hard toward things only to be disappointed with the the culmination. What’s up with that?! What we end up with doesn’t always match what we were sold. Hmmmm….

    On a less philosophical note: I just finished watching season 3 of the office. I’m all ready for season 4 premier. It’s going to be AWESOME!

  3. Completely unrelated to this post (and completely not DEEP like this post)… I am guessing you are excited about the premiere of The Office this week – eh? Me too!

  4. Woo Woo for The Office premier. I didn’t go for it first view… seems like that happens every week. But as I re-watch it I like it more and more.

    Highlights –
    Oscar and Kevin’s talking head at the beginning.

    Jan telling Pam that Michael is hers and to back off! Jan was genius in the bits she played.

    Angela’s talking where she says “thank you for asking, no one asks.” When speaking about Sprinkes. Angela was basically brilliant the entire episode.

    Michael knowing Angela’s cats name after Pam telling him that Angela’s cat died.

    Michael’s announcement that the Drs did everything they could for Meredith and that she was going to be fine…

    Michael saying he was not superstitios but he was a “littlestitious.”

    Also, Bono.

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