I have a headache.

The fire alarm in my house started beeping. Just beeping. Beeping. Beeping. Beeping.

Yeah, kind of like that.

Kim comes downstairs and says, do you hear that beeping? Beeping. Beeping.

It’s in the baby’s room. It’s midnight.

I came up with a new philosophy toward fire alarms, fires, and the people who die in them. *Caution: This is very callous. If people aren’t responsible enough to replace the batteries in their fire alarms then so be it! But PLEASE!! Let there be an off switch!

We tried for an hour, literally… Craning above our heads, changing the battery, trying the battery this way and that, licking the battery to make sure it had juice (it did). Still nothing.
Beeping. Beeping. Beeping. Beeping.

I tried calling the fire department to ask how to disable the contraption, which was obviously malfunctioning at this point. Voicemail…. What? Do I have to call 911 to get some information from these people?

Beeping. Beeping. Beeping. Beeping. Beeping.
And of course there were the intermittent actual fire alarms blazing as we accidentally hit the test button. Duh. We know it works.
Beeping. Beeping. Beeping. Beeping. Beeping.

Finally, the neighbor came over and ripped it out of the ceiling.

Oh. Is that all we had to do?

2 thoughts on “I have a headache.

  1. Oooo, yeah – that’s super-annoying. They always start malfunctioning in the middle of the night, too. (Remember the Friends episode where Phoebe experiences something similar? LOL.) Sorry you had to go through that! But where was your bro? Didn’t he help?

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