I know a guy named Truston…

In recent years, I think I’ve experienced trust as a stopping point. “Well, [THIS] happened, so I guess I trust God in it…” Doors opened and doors shut, I made decisions the best I knew how, and trusted. I experienced loneliness and isolation, and later community and family, and I trusted. Or at least I tried to trust. What would have been the alternative? I DO believe in God. I DO believe he is good. And I DO believe he will take care of me. Ergo, I have to trust him.

I find myself now in a situation where I may be choosing to trust him. Choosing to move forward, believing he’s speaking, and choosing to trust. Oh yes, there are alternatives. I could hold back. I could wait. I coud change my mind. And yes, that too is trusting. But this, what I’m doing now, is a trust of a different kind.

I think choosing to trust, and then acting, is new territory for me. I think most of my “trusting” has been a response to ‘current events’ and not a proactive measure in following God.

But maybe trust can be bigger that that! Maybe the ability to trust can grow and develop and mature as we grow closer to Christ. Maybe trust isn’t so much the end as it is a jumping off point to start negotiations…

2 thoughts on “I know a guy named Truston…

  1. I like this pondering of trust. I have no brilliant advice on this one. But sometimes when I speak out my trust to Him verbally in prayer, somehow the feeling of trust follows. Funny that. I remember a woman in New Zealand telling me that words are spiritual and they really do impact life. I’ve always remembered that. Unfortunately I am not always super duper good at speaking words of life. Hmmm…

    Also, I’m glad you got to rest last night. But we still totally missed you. It was super fun. Paul, Jon, Mary, Clare, Aaron and I all sat around for probably an hour throwing around possible band names. So hilarious. Thanks for introducing me to your friends. They are tops. But I should have known since it would stand to reason since you are tops as well.

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