Some Thoughts On Alaska Winter

It hasn’t snowed yet, and I’m a little disappointed by it. I think the whole point of snow is that it makes cold weather not just bearable, but enjoyable. I can’t wait for the little flakes to fall, to enjoy the beauty that results, and go sledding and drink hot chocolate… Yum! So far, there is no snow. Oh yes, it snowed one day, only to melt the next. It’s kind of been trying to snow, but really raining instead and causing slushy and no doubt icy streets. But I want the good stuff!

Also. It’s dark here.
And I think it makes getting up in the morning a WEE bit difficult. I woke up at 9 O’Clock and I swear it was still pitch black outside. So I turned over and went back to sleep. Can’t stay up late. Can’t stay up late…

2 thoughts on “Some Thoughts On Alaska Winter

  1. Someone I know once said that snow in Alaska never sticks before Halloween. I used to think that person was full of crap… but now I think this person might have been on to something.

    I’m with you on the snow. It makes everything that is brown all pretty. I like pretty… especially if it comes with a tea cup of hot chocolate and a fresh baked sugar cookie.

  2. If snow could stay off of roads, sidewalks and my car (and me unless I gave it permission) I would love the snow. Instead I hate it.

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