Good Vs Best

Sometimes it’s scary to trade what’s good for what’s best. And how do we really know what’s best anyway? Wouldn’t it just be easier to go with the flow, because at least what you have is what you know. And that can be pretty good sometimes….  

Sometimes I feel like I stopped asking God what he wants of me a long time ago – and just started making guesses and going after things. When I spent a year or so seeking a job in my “field,” scared stupid from the outset, I really felt like that desire went unanswered. And I think in response I just sort of accepted my circumstances as is – making the best of them, trusting that God had a plan in all of it. Anyway, the point is, maybe I stopped really seeking God’s plan after that – I mean REALLY seeking it. Maybe it felt like I couldn’t really hear what he wanted anyway, so I just kind of settled for the status quo.  I’m still not sure that it was wrong, but was it best?

And in certain situations now it really feels like I can’t hear him, like I don’t know my right from my left, and I really hate that. It feels like he’s silent, and I’m just left to forge my way on my own. I don’t want to forge my way on my own. I really want to know his best for me – and I hope that I’m making the right decisions that are going to lead me to that. I hope his answer comes when I trust him…

6 thoughts on “Good Vs Best

  1. In my experience He doesn’t wait for me to trust. He authors faith in a quiet way that often passes without my notice. I don’t get God sometimes. But even when I’m super bummed on life… somewhere in the deepest, downest parts of me I know that He’s the only person that can make a dang bit of difference. And I think the only reason I get mad is because I have never been able to control Him. And for a gal like me, that is very frustrating.

  2. You’re right. It is frustrating when it feels like the Light we were being guided by suddenly goes dark. And all of a sudden, we’re left fumbling our way through the dark; forced to rely on our senses and limited faculties.
    I think often it happens when somewhere along the way we’ve decided to stop listening. For me, at least, it’s been when I’m led somewhere and whether consciously or not, I turn and say, “Thanks, I’ve got it from here.” And at that point, I get off the path and mistakenly think it’s my final destination, when really, it was just a pit stop.
    I firmly believe that listening and hearing are disciplined skills that we have to practice and hone. I don’t think they disappear…more like they’re dormant and we need to jolt them awake so they’re usable again…so the only way to get them back is to start asking and listening- even for simple daily things.
    He will speak. And He will let you hear Him. He wants to be heard. He’s still talking, we just have to tune in…

  3. Hey, I go to ChangePoint and I just wanted to let you know that I think you have one of the most amazing voices I have ever heard and I think it is totally awesome you are using it for GOd’s glory!!

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