D’joo Know the Capital of Alaska?

Well, I’m in Tok, Alaska.  That’s right.  TOK.  It kind of sounds like it looks, but then also….  not really. Currently I’m taking a road trip with my friend Kris to Juneau – but did you know you can’t drive to Juneau? You have to drive through Canada to Haines (which I’ve done once before, oddly enough) and then take a ferry to Juneau.Of course we’re having a killer time. It’s 15 below outside. There’s just nothing for miles and miles and miles in this state. And when I say miles, boy do I mean it.   MILES.  If you’ve never lived in Alaska, well then, you’ve just never lived. Not in Alaska at least…Anyway, I still think the greatest marvel of this story and really the point of this post is that they have wireless internet for FREE in Tok, Alaska. Yep. Fast Eddy’s Restaurant and Motel has free internet. You can’t get free wireless internet at Starbucks – or most of corporate America – but by golly somehow Fast Eddy’s manages to pull it off without going fiscally under. I’m pretty sure I’m afraid to touch the sheets at Fast Eddy’s. I’m probably going to sleep in a sleeping bag. 

3 thoughts on “D’joo Know the Capital of Alaska?

  1. There’s a coffee shop in my town that offers free wireless Internet access. And it’s fast, too.

    I lived in Anchorage for a big chunk of my life. We even drove up there from Washington, once. I was too young to remember much, though.

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