Why Not to Live in Alaska..

I’m stuck in Juneau because it’s snowing. It’s just dumping snow.

I’ve been told that Juneau is pretty, but I can’t say for sure because I haven’t seen any of it since getting here. It’s just been cloudy and rainy, and snowy, with zero visiblity. I was trying to fly out tonight instead of tomorrow night because Kris has to work tomorrow. I even paid money to do it. But chances are fairly good that the flight may not even leave tonight. And, I’m gonna be a little upset if I paid money and still end up leaving tomorrow… 

You can get stuck places in Alaska because the WEATHER stinks. And God help me, if I didn’t live here I’d have NOTHING to blog about. 

3 thoughts on “Why Not to Live in Alaska..

  1. Dang! I was hoping for an early return. I NEED season five of the Gilmore Girls! What the heck happened with Rory and Dean? I was NOT expecting that. (Imagine my mega shocked face.) So much is unresolved!!!

  2. So, I started subscribing to one of those Google Reader things so I don’t have to go check everyone’s individual blog each day. The plus: one-stop-shop for all my blog digestion. The minus: I never comment on people’s blogs anymore.

    I apologize. I’m back.

    The pictures you took of your trip to Juneau are BEAUTIFUL – the blues and pinks! Ah, to be so close to the North Pole…

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