Top 10 Annoyances

One time Sally made a list of things that irritate her and posted it near her desk at work. I mildly chastised her for “dwelling” on the irritants, claiming that it was only going to make things worse. But I’m going to ignore my own advice for the sake of readership. God help me. 

  1. Being late – especially to movies. I don’t know why, but when I’m late I want to pull all my hair and start screaming and punching people. I’m working on this.
  2. Snow in the entry way that melts and turns into puddles that I step in whenever going up or down the stairs. The puddles are made of WATER which I can’t SEE and therefore I STEP in them unknowingly. This is so wrong.
  3. Headaches.
  4. Extraneous noise. It bothers me and yet, I can’t escape it. I like my silence, what can I say?
  5. The fact that if I buy a “tall” coffee it’s never enough, but if I buy a “grande” I usually don’t finish the whole thing.
  6. Washing my hands – especially in public washrooms – without applying lotion afterward. If you want proof of my obsession with lotioning, just go here.
  7. The price of things I want to buy. Namely: food. It’s outrageous!
  8. Having a cold that lasts a lifetime. I mean, who wouldn’t be annoyed at this?
  9. Reruns.
  10. Realizing as I make this top 10 that I could only think of 9 things and had to put this as my number 10.

5 thoughts on “Top 10 Annoyances

  1. 1. I made you late to a movie yesterday.

    2. A lot of times I put snow in the entry way.

    3. Hey, I gave you headache medicine today! But you probably had one because I was late to church…

    4. Hmm.. I guess I’m not super-loud, so that’s good.

    5. I’m going to get coffee with you tomorrow morning. I hope you can manage your temper about the sizes.

    6. You KNOW my hands are dry…

    7. Well, I’ll cook you breakfast, how’s that?

    8. I probably gave you that cold.

    9. Hmm… I’m pretty sure I could watch any episode of the Office or the Simpsons and love it a million times.

    10. Yeah, that was lame..

    So, I think I’m doing alright. I mean, I’m not a part of ALL your annoyances.. : )

  2. 1. I hate being on time. fashionable late is the way to go
    2. water is definately better than snow
    3. … yeah headaches suck, but I put up with them.
    4. i hate silence, and can’t think without background noise
    5. you could get a “grande with room” then they don’t fill it all the way
    6. i have water proof lotion. it’s great.
    7. without money we’d all be commies
    8. maybe if you didn’t live in alaska you would always have a cold.
    9. I think reruns are great, you get to see your favorite episodes more than once. (p.s. start watching canadian tv, our writers aren’t on strike)
    10. ……… i like top 10s. i wrote 10 new years resolution.

  3. And after the persecution! I don’t even think I got to the top 10… I think it ended up:

    1. The bathroom is too far away from my desk
    2. People never do what they say they will do

    Then I probably yammered on about it… I don’t even remember the things that irritate me. That’s the thing about irritations… they are new every morning!

  4. Totally agree with #3 especially! Do you ever get migraines? I think I’ve finally found the solution to mine – yay! (Just thought I’d share. :)

    p.s. #1 made me laugh. Picturing you wanting to scream and punch people because YOU are late? Priceless.

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