I’m the national ANTHEM singer..

That’s right. Nationally, I’m known as the girl who sings anthems.

But seriously… I recently “auditioned” to sing the National Anthem for sporting events at my University. And they picked me!!!! (there were only 6 people at the try-outs).

So far I have sung the anthem one time and I didn’t screw it up. That’s 1 victory for the home team…. And 1 loss for the not home team. Here’s why the National Anthem is so important:

  1.  You can’t screw up the National Anthem. I mean, you can screw it up – that’s the whole point. If you do, you’ve basically just screwed up everything. In sports and in life.
  2. And that’s really the only reason it’s so important.

So anyway, I was lucky enough not to screw it up, thereby upholding the binding, unwritten contract that I will not screw it up, and they’ve asked me to sing it again this weekend. 

And I said yes.
Want to know why? Because singing the National Anthem makes me nervous. And sometimes, it feels really good to do something that makes you feel nervous – and succeed at it.
Sometimes something makes me nervous and I then I don’t do it. And I don’t fail. But I don’t succeed either… 

3 thoughts on “I’m the national ANTHEM singer..

  1. As someone who attended her opening gig as an anthem singer… I can vouch that all of this is true. She is GOOD. AND also that she was quickly promoted from Women’s Gymnastics to Men’s Basketball. Additionally, they wanted her to do Hockey games (the top of the anthem food chain), but alas, she had to turn them down because her schedule was full. I love it.

    Also, after living in Canada I’m really happy about our paticular anthem. It’s a really nice one.

  2. It’s always good to do things that scare us. It’s quite the dichotomy…I like it and hate it at the same time. I’m quickly becoming convinced that ‘it’ just isn’t worth doing if I’m not a little unsure that I’ll succeed.

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