Bulletin Board Blues

As I was leaving work today, I stopped to peruse a bulletin board near the exit. I saw a bedroom set for sale – with a 27 inch tv for free (!) if you buy the whole set. A nice couple was selling it – “Alex” and “Katie” – and it listed their phone number.I thought to myself, “They must be moving.”I noticed another flier advertising a ring for sale. It looked suspiciously like an engagement ring, but the poster tried to pass it off as perfect for Valentine’s day or perfect for a promise ring. Okay…Wonder why he’s selling it?And then I noticed WHO was selling it.”Alex” – same phone number.Oh……….Well, I guess maybe he’s just moving.

3 thoughts on “Bulletin Board Blues

  1. I saw that on my way out as well… their break-up furniture was too rich for my blood! Although it did have some style.

    Totally hilarious story by the way. I didn’t see the ring flier.

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