Friends With Benefits

I have great friends, I really do. I’ve got the kind of friends who visit me at work, just to say hi. They are generous and thoughtful, call to see if I want to have lunch, and drop by unexpectedly with gifts.

Take Robin for example:
l_6830d65a29c91705d03bd5347411a1e6.jpg She’s a new friend I met in class and she’s super fun. We were instantly friends because of our affinity for friendship. Also, she has one of my dream jobs, so I look up to her and plan on “using” her as a resource in the future. She dropped by the other day with a nice little box of truffles… No small gift, mind you, from chocolate central here in Anchorage. chocolates.jpg

And then there’s Becca:
l_46d9a8e00ad01c33ec86a918a0c49bda.jpg One of my good friends here in Anchorage, and probably the best gift giver I’ve ever known. She loves doing and making and giving things to others. She’ll drop by my office with a jar of skittles or other little gems, like these everlasting flowers: a constant reminder of friendship and sunshine and happy things in life.

And let’s not forget Jon, my wonderful and thoughtful boyfriend:
l_93cd542e62960c8d8d015f6c97b0b621.jpg Right after we started dating he showed up at my work unexpectedly, with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and card in hand. The inscription inside? “I really, really like you.”

Ahhh….. much the sentiment I feel toward these friends.

5 thoughts on “Friends With Benefits

  1. now that people think i’m as good looking as you, perhaps they’ll think i can sing as beautiful, too…

    p.s. thanks for the shout out! i only expect one more in combination with the britney spears routine at church =)

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