On Ice

When I was younger I used to ice skate in the winter. I’d bundle up in my snow gear, gather my skates, and walk a couple blocks to the nearest pond, lake, or ice skating rink.

Now that I’m in Alaska, I only have to walk out my front door.

You see, it snows a lot here. And then it warms up and the snow melts, and then it gets cold and the melted snow (aka: water) freezes. It’s a vicious cycle really. And the city deems it only necessary to plow the main streets, so side roads and parking lots are literally ice rinks to drive and walk on.

Take my street for instance:

If you look a little closer you’ll see just how thick the ice is, covering the street and driveways. (The neighbors chipped through the ice to clear the way for this drain at the end of my driveway.)

Now this is a common occurrence people! It snows and melts and freezes and snows and we don’t get a snow day! We just keep right on truckin’. They say it’s gonna blizzard and there’s about a .5% chance of snow in hell that I’ll get the day off of work for it.

This is how we live, how we “roll”. Or rather, how we slip, slide and fall…

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