Baby Sittin’

I’m babysitting my nieces today – and it’s going pretty well. But I woke up at about 745, and that was a bummer. Also, the baby needs a diaper change. *ew*

My question? When you’re a parent, how is it possible to do ANYTHING else?? Goodbye hobbies and social life. Goodbye quiet time and movie marathon weekends. Goodbye sleeping in and shopping with ease. For that matter, goodbye money!

This is probably why God made them so cute.


2 thoughts on “Baby Sittin’

  1. I love babysitting because you get to be the cool uncle (aunt in your case) but at the end of the day you get to send them home.

    Also the Counting Crows new album is released March 26th. I’ve already pre ordered it since I have a nearly unhealthy obsession with them. Cool.

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