If You Write It, They Will Come

I have noticed that blog stats are directly proportionate to the amount of blogging I do. So in essence, the blog stats are not defining anything more than I already know: “I blogged more often.”

For instance, by virtue of having written this blog people will read it and thus I’ll have achieved my goal of “more visitors” to my blog. Which in turn will make me think, “There are people out there just DYING to read what I’ve got to say.” So I blog more often, increasing my blog stats and therefore perpetuating the cycle. And I think I’ve really accomplished something.

But shouldn’t writing just be for the sake of writing? Who cares if anyone reads it, right? But if nobody’s gonna read it – why write it?

It’s a little bit like music. Do I make music because it’s a passion or do I make music so that people will hear it? Or more importantly, want to listen to it….

And love. Do I give love for the sake of giving it – unconditionally? Or do I give it so it will be returned to me?

Those are all different questions, but I think they get at the same idea. I want to be one of those people who GIVES freely, who holds no grudges, who loves unconditionally. I don’t want to sing to receive accolades (at least I don’t want to want to sing to receive accolades) and I don’t want to write a blog simply so I can find satisfaction in my blog stats.

These are not things I can achieve on my own. So I don’t try. But I do ask.

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