3 thoughts on “I’m Obsessed

  1. Sure you say you have a commitment to these foods… but are you really committed, bring them everyday for lunch committed? It takes endurance. In good times and bad.

    Ask me what I’m having for lunch today. Any guesses?

    Let’s see some potstickers where your mouth is. Ha!

  2. Have you heard of Pei Wei? It’s the same owners/food as PF Changs, but cheaper and less fancy. They have one here in Nashville, and I’ve only been once, but I’m obsessed. Those lettuce wraps? Forget about it.

    And! AND!!

    I GOT YOUR CD!!!!!!!!! You are amazing to think of me! I just got it last night in the mail, and haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet because my parents have been here. But first thing tonight when I get home, I’m throwing it in the iTunes.

    So… a review to come. :) I’m so excited.

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