It’s simple, really….

One year for Christmas I asked for a special present. I was only 17, and I was naive, but I asked. A year’s subscription to Martha Stewart Living. And I got it.

For 12 months straight I received a copy of the magazine in the mail. And when it came I marveled at the colors and the pictures and the ideas and the organization and the perfection it offered.

Clearly, Martha Stewart was not perfect. And the wonder has been lost from her still prominent (!) magazine. But I’ve found a new perfection to replace it with:

No, I don’t have a subscription. But the beauty of the magazine is the false reality it allows me to escape to. Where I know I’ll be more organized and fiscally responsible. And I’ll make the sweetest meals you ever tasted and I’ll find the best buys and be the most rested and beautiful I’ve ever been. I will.

Or. I’ll spend an hour reading my magazine. And that will have been good enough for today.

6 thoughts on “It’s simple, really….

  1. Remember that episode where Paris knew how to make the perfect newspaper hat at just the right time in life? That is going to be you. You’re going to be the MacGyver of homemaking.

  2. Ha ha. I get that magazine. My mom-in-law bought me a subscription for Christmas! I feel like I know you so much more now.

    Cooking Light. That one is my favorite.

  3. Real Simple is so much better than Martha Stewart Living. Who wants to live like Martha Stewart, anyway?

    But you know who I DO want to live like? Oprah. Disturbing, but true. I read her magazine when I fly on planes.

    I’m thinking about subscribing to Nashville Lifestyles while I live here. But I don’t know how long that will be, and then it’s such a hassle to change the mailing address.

  4. I get Real Simple too. And…here’s a true confession for you…

    I almost bought the “Real Simple for Brides” at Fred Meyer a few days ago.

    You might be asking yourself…”Is Davita getting married?” No…not so much. “Is Davita even dating anyone?” Another no on that one. : ) But…some day if I do get married…I know that I am going to want that magazine.


  5. Um… I’m easily distracted this week and keep looking for friends’ new posts… So – any time you want to write a new post (no pressure or anything, just sayin’) – I will be ready! Thanks!

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