By no means am I the first person to discover this online FREE radio station. My friend Sally has been telling me about it for weeks. But what I found out just the other night is that it allows you to listen to music you LIKE. You tell it what you want to hear and it “randomly” picks songs that are similar to what you entered.

So I tested it.

With Bethany Dillon.

Yes, they had actually heard of her. And they have her music! But what would they say is “like” her?? So far: Barlow Girl, Jeremy Camp (I’m not a big fan), and Chris Tomlin. I’ve never listened to Barlow Girl before so I’m excited to hear it. But here’s my thought…

Is that it?? They’re only going to play Christian music because I entered a Christian artist? Shouldn’t there be some way around this? Like, ‘Choose things like this artist, in all different genres’? I couldn’t find out if it would play more because they have a licensing agreement that only allows them to skip a certain number of songs per hour. GENIUS.

If I search for something else I can see what selection I get. My exploration continues…


3 thoughts on “www.pandora.com

  1. Hey Marijke,

    I know you don’t know me, but I go to Changepoint and have heard you play a few times. Anyways….I have used Pandora some and listened to music in the style of various Christian artists on the site. From my experience, they actually do play non-Christian artists with the same style, but you usually don’t find that out unless you listen to that particular channel for a while….but they tend to stick to the same genre pretty much. Slightly annoying, but I guess that’s why they let you have 100 different channels. :P

  2. Hi Marijke —

    Thanks for listening to Pandora! It’s great to hear that you’re enjoying it so far.

    About your Christian music questions:

    If you start a station from an artist whose work is primarily Christian-themed, you will get a primarily Christian-themed station.

    If you start a station from an artist who does not perform Christian music, you will not get Christian music on that station.

    If you create a station from 1 Christian artist and 1 secular artist, your station will feature both styles.

    If you start a station from an artist who performs half Christian and half secular music, you will get a station that’s about half-and-half.

    I hope that makes sense — enjoy the music and let me know if you have any questions!

    – Lucia, from Pandora

  3. I love Pandora… except I always get stuck in a rut… too much Gwen and Fergie. So I’m off the sauce. Now I’m diggin’ sermons. Woo woo!

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