Where I Lay My Head

I have lived with my brother and sister in law for 2 years, 2 months, and 26 days.


You know? Before I moved to Alaska, I wasn’t really known for my residence longevity.

I lived with my parents for 7 months.
I lived with Ana for 9 months.
I lived with the Rollerson’s for 4 months.
I lived with the Cheryti et al. for 6 months.
I lived with Jenny for 2 months.
I lived in downtown Dallas for 5 months.
I lived in north Dallas for 6 months.
I lived in Duncanville for 3 months.

But here I am, still living with my family and no (immediate) plans of moving out. In fact, I think I’ve got it pretty great. Early last year my brother had to go to pilot training, and while he’s been gone I’ve been getting to know his wife and two daughters. And the fact that they haven’t kicked me out yet is kind of astonishing. We’re not even blood relatives, my sister in law and me… But she’s my friend. And she is one of the most giving persons I have ever known.

I have a great family. I’m lucky I get to be so close to them right now…

Jeremy? We miss you…

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