(not) Surprise!

It snowed about a kabillion inches today.

par for the course, I guess. cause this is the prize you get when you move to Alaska: you get to post pictures of frosted windshields in early october and complain about the FOOT (literally) that fell in April in a 15 hour period.

I think I have never cherished a prize more…

6 thoughts on “(not) Surprise!

  1. Multiply what fell at your house by 1.18 and that’s what fell at mine. You know, becasue I live a little further up the hill. Thankfully the plow came last night… so I’m not snowed in.

    You know the funny thing? We all knew this was coming… everyone in the entire state of Alaska. One year this happened in May… May 3rd to be exact. It’s less fun in May. Way less fun.

  2. I was so confused when I walked outside this morning. So confused. Then my sister called to tell me how pretty everything looked with the new layer of snow. Pretty ssoooooo isn’t the work I would have used…

  3. I think I’m kinda digging the new face of your blog. I think I’m going to vote that you keep it.

    Rory would keep it. Ha! Now you have to keep it. :)

  4. Gotaa be honest… I don’t like it. It is confusing. The other one was like BAM! Here’s My latest blog! This one’s all like… what? oh, wait, yeah, my latest blog? lemme see if I can find that for you.. no it’s not this thing, it’s somewhere else on this page…

    But I support whatever decision you make.

    Choose wisely.

    But I’m cool with whatever.

    Whatever’s best.

    You’ll do great.

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