I Stress Easily

Sometimes I enjoy watching reality television. Like right now, for instance, a few choice episodes of THE HILLS are gracing my television. Lauren (Our main character. Follow me people..) is interning for Teen Vogue and they’re constantly telling her to run here and there, fly across the country, manage this event, plan that party.


I literally get stressed out thinking, “How is she gonna be able to DO all that?” They don’t give her enough instructions! They tell her to put together a puzzle but don’t give her all the pieces. HOW’s she gonna do it??

I have to remind myself it’s a 30 minute reality television show.

They don’t show every minute of their lives.

It’s just tv.

They probably gave her most of the puzzle pieces…


3 thoughts on “I Stress Easily

  1. AHA! I love it! see. I read that and go, “oh! I want to be in that reality show! how fun would that be?!!” I love our uniqueness. xo MJ!

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