2 Things About California

1. My brother and sister in law had a family of mice in their garage. Momma mouse got caught in a trap, so babies were left to fend for themselves. Milyn showed them to me, against my better judgment. They were the size of a PEANUT. An actual peanut. I’m pretty sure this is an unfair comparison, as a baby I know is also lovingly referred to as peanut. In any case, I never knew baby mice were so tiny. Also, mice are disgusting; I’m glad they were so small and ineffectual in typical mice-like behavior.

2. I walked into a Juicy Couture today. All they sell is sweat suits. Brightly colored, velvet sweat suits… RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE brightly colored, velvet sweat suits. And some ugly, velvety purses. I don’t understand this phenomenon. I don’t understand this store.

3 thoughts on “2 Things About California

  1. 1. Mice… ewww.

    2. I’ve semi-secretly always wanted a velvet tracksuit… ever since the Seinfeld where George wears one after he finds out his girlfriend doesn’t care what he looks like. “I’m going to drape myself in velvet, Jerry!”

    3. I made soft tacos, lasagna and cookies today.

  2. 1. HILARIOUS. I was laughing out loud…

    2. That sounds really wierd… and funny.

    3. I made croissant-wiches today. And chicken parmesan.

    4. music and lyrics was really funny.

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