Nieces. Nooses…

I’ve been a parent for the last two weeks – and while I hope I’m not actually a parent for a VERY long time – I appreciate the things I’ve learned in the times I’ve watched my nieces.

Mostly, I learn what NOT to do. And what a wretch I can be. And how I crumble under bittersweet manipulation. And how maybe I’m not so good at telling a truth from a lie.

But something else I’ve learned? I LOVE my nieces. And not just in a “You’re pretty cute when you don’t talk..” kind of way. I love her heart. And I love who she is. I love her dreams and her fears – and I think a part of me dreams and fears with her. I KNOW a part of me dreams and fears for her, and I pray that the grace of God will surround her life from beginning to end.

I’ve learned that my nieces are loved by God – and through them that I am loved by God. I know my nieces are in need of God, cause I’ve been there… And through them I realize more and more how much I’m in need of God, too.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

3 thoughts on “Nieces. Nooses…

  1. I am going to bookmark this post so that I can come back and read it when I’m having a little trouble loving my nieces and nephews the way I should. Very great thoughts indeed.

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