A Forever Stamp is Forever

It’s true, my friends: there is a way to defeat the laws of economics.

Yes, gas prices are continually on the rise.

Yes, an average of 27 people with master’s degrees are applying for bachelor level positions: the job market is shady at best.

Yes, the price of stamps just went up…. Or has it?

I just found out that when they say Forever, they mean FOREVER. It’s called the forever stamp: stamps that will never expire, will never require “additional” postage, and (for these two reasons alone) will always be in style. “You mean I can use these stamps FOREVER? No matter what the cost of postage??”


Imagine having an endless supply of gasoline at the rate of $3.89 a gallon. Sure, that seems expensive now, but when gas rises to over $5.00, an endless supply at $3.89 is gonna sound downright economical. Well this is what they’ve given us in the postage world, if by “endless” you mean as many stamps as you happen to have on hand before the rates go up again.

Which means I’ve got a good, endless supply of nine FOREVER stamps just waiting to be stuck to an envelope and mailed across the country…. AND I JUST SAVED NINE CENTS.

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