Funniest Facebook Comment Ever – Part 1

From your album:
“Profile Pictures”
MJ and the Groaters
Added April 28, 2007

Kalb Stevenson (University of Alaska Fairbanks) wrote
at 2:59pm
Announcer: And now, for your listening entertainment, we present these great musicians!!!

Fan: What are they called?

Announcer: They are the group formerly called MJ and the Groaters

Fan: But what are they called now?

Announcer: We are pleased to present to you the stylings of two separate artists – Marijke Groat and Paul Sarafin!

Fan: But don’t they all play together sometimes?

Announcer: Yes, but you see they are two artists with differing styles, and although they occasionally accompany each other the musicians have made a thoughtful decision to remain known as two separate acts known as “Marike Groat” and “Paul Sarafin”?

Fan: But there’s three of them.

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