Funniest Facebook Comment Ever – Part 2

From your album: 
“Profile Pictures”
MJ and the Groaters
Added April 28, 2007

Kalb Stevenson (University of Alaska Fairbanks) wrote
at 3:02pm yesterday (CONTINUED)
Announcer: Yes, but you see, the third member is key to both groups, and while not individually named, he is officially considered part of each band.  

Fan: So they are two separate acts who almost always play together, who share the same guy in the middle who is a part of both bands- but in their differing styles, choosing to remain as two separate artists/bands in order to preserve the styles of those individual artists – however, they do all accompany each other from time to time, hence making them accompanists to each others band, but not officially in the others band?

Announcer: Correct.

Fan: Okay, but I’ll miss the fun times when we used to get to pick t-shirt designs that said things that rhymed or had to do with “groating”.

Announcer: We all do, but we are preserving artistic integrity this way.

Fan: Groat, Groat, Groat your boat.

Announcer: That’s not funny.

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