Funniest Facebook Comment Ever – Part 3

From your album:
“Profile Pictures”
MJ and the Groaters
Added April 28, 2007

Kalb Stevenson (University of Alaska Fairbanks) wrote
at 3:12pm on June 11th, 2008 (CONTINUED)
Fan: Couldn’t we just call them one thing? For instance… “Hey, I am going to the State Fair to go watch this awesome band called ‘Shortbread'”.

Announcer: No, that is way to simple and does not respect the artistic integrity of each group, although they are a team of musicians.

Fan: How about “Jon Bowen’s Bands”?

Announcer: No, this particular artist wishes to remain anonymous and does not actually write the songs you enjoy listening to.

Fan: Got it. My mind is like ‘BLAH!’, but I got it!

Announcer: What a great name for a band! Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to present “BLAH!” for your listening pleasure.

Fan: Sweet. Hopefully they will play “Pieces of You” and “The Money Song”. Hey, even my baby likes it. They made my “Child Smile”.

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