Summer Solstice

June 21, 2008. A recap:

  • The longest day of the year – in Anchorage that meant 19 hours and 22 minutes of glorious sunlight.
  • Attended an outdoor concert – a blast from the past a la 1997.
  • Resisted the call to “let summer into my heart.” Made a mental note never to go wherever that guy came from.
  • Almost got caught in the middle of a drunken brawl.
  • Witnessed an actual person smoking actual marijuana in actual public.

[insert appropriate, unavailable iPhone photo here…]

  • Stood for 4 hours straight in excellent company.

  • Finished the night with an ‘Island Hopper’ night cap and a fire. Noticed the 11:30 pm “darkness”..

  • Also noticed the all too obvious lack of short sleeve attire.
And to summer I say, “Running behind schedule, are we? You know the solstice is supposed to be your grand entrance… Whenever you decide to show up – we’ll be waiting.”

2 thoughts on “Summer Solstice

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