I need new socks…

One day in high school my friend Rachel exclaimed, “My goal in life is to wear pants that aren’t jeans.”

To which I replied, “Really? Your goal in life?? If there’s one thing you accomplish from now until you DIE, you’d like it to be wearing pants that aren’t jeans?”

I think I made a similar pact in 2001, however. It was, in my mind, to wear socks that weren’t white.

I say this not because I remember actually telling somebody this, although I might have. But I bought a few pair of striped socks and I proceeded to wear them every day, color coordinated with my outfits. And clearly this act of blatant non-white-sock-wearing was bookmarked in my brain, all the while reminding me of Rachel’s fateful anti-jean proclamation.


I still have those socks. 7 1/2 years later…

I STILL have them and I wear them.


But I need new socks because they don’t stay up any more. Their elastic has depleted almost completely. Also I need new socks because I wear a lot of socks that are white, which is clearly in violation of the GOAL OF MY LIFE.

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