What would you do?

If you were able to take some time away from life as you know it – had money in the bank and the freedom to “Roam If You Want To” – What would you do??

Some options include:

  1. Further schooling
  2. Move to a sunnier climate
  3. Peace Corps
  4. Travel abroad
  5. Short term mission or cultural relief
  6. Overseas training in Teaching English
  7. 1 year certificate in [fill in the blank]

These are just thoughts… But what would YOU do?? I want to know.

Comments/Concerns/Suggestions welcome…

2 thoughts on “What would you do?

  1. you should move somewhere fun/exciting and be an RD for a while. yeah! just lie about your RA experience; i make up my participation and influence on committees all the time :)

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